Current Graduate Students

Timothy Carsel, M. A.


Tim is interested in the contingencies on the applications of moral norms, especially as they relate to issues of fairness. Learn more at:

Tim Carsel
Curriculum Vita

Lindsay Keeran

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Lindsay is interested in the ties between moral conviction and different aspects of identity, and exploring the role morality may play in persuasive processes.

Allison Mueller, A. B. D.


Ali is interested in the “dark side” of morality, and how and why people behavior immorally in everyday life. Learn more at:

Allison Mueller
Curriculum Vita

Anthony Washburn, A. B. D.


Anthony’s research examines the influence of value-based motivated reasoning on judgment and decision making, context dependent and independent explanations for ideological differences and similarity, and the causes and consequence of holding attitudes with moral conviction. Learn more at:

Anthony Washburn
Curriculum Vita

Current/Recent Visitors

Maja Kutlaca, Ph. D.

Maja Kutlaca is a visiting postdoc researcher currently working in social psychology at University of Osnabrück in Germany. Maja received her PhD at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands in 2017. Her research interests broadly lie in the realm of social change, collective action and prejudice reduction, something she is currently integrating with work on moral conviction.

Michael Edem Fiagbenu, MSc

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Michael is a visiting scholar at UIC and the Skitka Lab until May, 2018 from the International Max Planck Research School on Uncertainty and the Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena in Germany. His is interested in the cognitive, biological, and economic foundations of socio-political attitudes. To learn more:

Michael Edem Fiagbenu

Bilge Yalcindag, Ph.D.

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Bilge an assistant professor at Nuh Naci Yazgan University in Turkey, and is a visiting scholar at UIC until November 2018. Her interests are examining the cultural generalizability of people’s moral foundations. Learn more at:

Bilge Yalcindag

Lab Alumni

Brittany Hanson, Ph.D., 2018
Assistant Professor, St. Peters University

Daniel Wisneski, Ph.D., 2014
Assistant Professor, St. Peters University

G. Scott Morgan, Ph.D., 2011
Associate Professor, Drew University

Brad Lytle, Ph.D., 2010
Digital Behavior Analyst, Google

Sylvia Perry, Ph.D., 2010
Assistant Professor, Northwestern University

Benjamin Saunders, Ph.D., 2008
Associate Professor, Long Island University

Christopher W. Bauman, Ph.D., 2006
Associate Professor, University of California Irvine

Elizabeth Mullen, Ph.D., 2004
Associate Professor, San Jose State University

Bonnie Rosenblatt, Ph.D. 2003
Assistant Professor, Albright College

Sherri Latinga, Ph.D., 1998
Professor, Dean for Curriculum and Instruction, Dordt College, 1998 - 2013;
Academic Consultant and Editor, Pohang Korea, 2013 - present


Nicholas Aramovich, Alliant International University
Mark Brandt, Tilberg University
Jesus Bravo, Arizona State University
Hui Chen, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Andrew Conway, Claremont Graduate University
Chris Crandall, University of Kansas
Alexander Demos, University of Illinois at Chicago
Scott Eidelman, University of Arkansas
Jeremy Frimer, Winnipeg University
Mario Gollwitzer, Phillipps University Marburg
Eran Halperin, IDC Herzilya, Israel
Wilhelm Hofmann, University of Cologne
Li Liu, Beijing Normal University
Peter Liberman, Queens College
James Liu, Victoria University Wellington
Robyn Mallett, Loyola University
Matt Motyl, University of Illinois at Chicago
Michal Reifman Tagar, IDC Herzliya
Edward Sargis, University of Illinois at Chicago
Kathleen Searles, Louisiana State University
Tomas Stahl, University of Illinois at Chicago
Yiyin Yang, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Lun Xu, Beijing Normal University